Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Basics

I had my first official success last night as I was finally able to get my sewing machine to start sewing! After I knew I had all of my tools ready and working I did some reading up on fabrics.
I bought this book, called Sew U: The Built by Wendy Guide to Making Your Own Wardrobe (by Wendy Mullin with Eviana Hartman) a few weeks ago and I'm hoping it will help me learn the basics of sewing. The second chapter of the book is all about different kinds of fabrics and I have to admit I am feeling a little overwhelmed. My brain is still swimming with words like warp and weft, herringbones, moleskin, gabardine, selvage... the list goes on.
The most important thing I read was probably about prepaing fabric for a project. For example, you are supposed to wash your fabric before you use it (especially cotton because it shrinks). Also, you have to check the grain to make sure that it's not leaning a certain way otherwise your project will end up looking wonky when you're finished.
So, my plan is to finish reading up about fabrics and patterns and then start Chapter Four which is a crash course in sewing.

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